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Jeremy Blackburn

Privacy & Security, Social Network Analysis, Distributed Systems

Jeremy Blackburn is an associate researcher Telefonica I+D.

Jeremy's research interests include privacy and security, measurement, distributed systems, and social network analysis.

In 2014, he received the PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

At Telefonica, Jeremy has worked on analysis of the social forces at play in usage of mobile data services, big data systems for graph processing, and technology to offload computational tasks from mobile devices to the cloud.

In the past, Jeremy has been involved in building P2P social network systems, systems to build, collect, and analyze longitudinal social network data, and analysis of unethical behavior in video games.

Jeremy has what might be considered an addiction to video games, although he prefers to call it passion, and has leveraged this passion to study unethical behavior at large scale. In particular, his work on the contagious aspects of cheating and understanding and learning about cyberbullying/toxic behavior in online games represent the largest scale studies of such behavior, providing insite useful not just for the gaming community, but in understanding anti-social behavior in the real-world as well.

The best way to see Jeremy's recent publications is via his Google Scholar profile. You can also check out his CV for more information.

WIT Server Code: Please email jeremyb at tid es for the source code at this time.