Estás en InvestigadoresNicolas Kourtellis

Nicolas Kourtellis

Associate Researcher

Nicolas’ primary research interests currently revolve around the following topical themes:

1. Design, implementation and testing of large-scale, socially-aware distributed systems

2. Streaming graph analysis, data dissemination and social search on large-scale social networks

3. Workload balancing in distributed stream processing engines

4. User characterization via pattern mining on large-scale data corpora


Recent Publications:


1. I. Kayes, N. Kourtellis, D. Quercia, A. Iamnitchi and F. Bonchi. The Social World of Content Abusers in Community Question Answering. ACM International Conference on the World Wide Web, 2015.

2. N. Kourtellis, G. De Francisci Morales and F. Bonchi. Scalable Online Betweenness Centrality in Evolving Graphs. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2015.

3. N. Ruchansky, F. Bonchi, D. Garc ́ıa-Soriano, F. Gullo and N.Kourtellis. The Minimum Wiener Connector Problem. ACM SIGMOD/PODS, 2015. 

4. M. A. U. Nasir, G. De Francisci Morales, D. Garcıa-Soriano, N. Kourtellis, M. Serafini. The Power of Both Choices: Practical Load Balancing for Distributed Stream Processing Engines. IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, April 2015. 

5. N. Kourtellis, J. Blackburn, C. Borcea and A. Iamnitchi. Enabling social applications via decentralized social data management. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, Special Issue on Social Computing, 2015.

6. N. Kourtellis and A. Iamnitchi. Leveraging peer centrality in the design of socially-informed P2P systems. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 25(9): 2364–2374, September 2014.