Product development_

Telefónica I+D is the biggest product-making factory of Telefónica. Its engineers and user experience designers are responsible of the development of many of the more strategic products that Telefónica offers to its clients around the world. They leverage on the technical expertise obtained in research projects through the history of Telefónica I+D.

The power of differential technology

Engineers and user experience designers work in multidisciplinary teams together with business people from central organisations and local business units. The level of activity on each project depends on the specific nature of the product that is created. As a general rule, the involvement is higher when requires a deeper technical expertise or a when the user experience is a key factor for success.

The vast majority of products where Telefónica I+D participates were originally developed as innovation prototypes in the research projects of the company. As they become mature enough, the products are integrated in the commercial and operational channels of Telefónica. At this later stage, Telefónica I+D continues being responsible of the development of the products. There is a continuous process of evaluation for the appropriateness of internal evolution, being the achievement of technical differentiation the main criteria for the involvement of Telefónica I+D in the project.

Additionally, Telefónica I+D guarantees the technical excellence of the products developed internally. With this purpose it maintains a structure for technical coordination of the engineers and user experience designers that works across Telefónica.

Currently, Telefónica I+D is developing commercial products in the following areas:

Current working Areas



Telefónica is a leading provider of OTT and IPTV video services across a number of countries in Latin America.



Telefónica offers global and value added M2M products capable of serving any business needs, on a local and international level. 

  • Managed Connectivity platform that provides visualisation, monitoring and control through tools that are easy to handle and integrate.
  • Consumer Electronics Solution enables both operators and device manufacturers to provide the users with an Always Connected experience with tablets.


Communication services

Communication products beyond standarisation both over the top and integrated with traditional telco technilogies.


Internet of Things

Internet of Things offers the possibility to change our relationship with the physical world. It is fundamentally the technology that allows that software reaches the physical world. And the software can transform everything it touches, as has happened in the sectors where it has already arrived

  • Click&Go: Telefónica’s smart buttons
  • FIWARE: APIs for the development of smart applications in vertical sectors



From cloud infrastructure to complete cloud applications



Security, authentication, identification, validation, connectivity, communication are services that TEF as an operator is in good position to give to customers. We look for new ideas that leverage our key assets