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Dina Papagiannaki

Director of Research

Konstantina (Dina) Papagiannaki is the director of Research at Telefonica Research and Development in Barcelona. Prior to that she was a senior researcher at Intel Labs; from 2004 until the end of 2006 in Cambridge, UK and from 2007 until 2011 in Pittsburgh, USA. From the beginning of 2000 until the end of 2003 she was a member of the IP Group at the Sprint Advanced Technology Labs. She got awarded her PhD from the Computer Science Department of University College London (UCL) in March 2003, receiving the Distinguished Dissertations Award 2003. She got her first degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in October 1998. 

 She has chaired the technical program committee of the premier conferences in her field (ACM SIGCOMM, ACM IMC, ACM CONEXT, ACM MOBIHOC, IEEE SECON), authored more than 85 peer reviewed papers, authored a book on the design and management of large-scale IP networks through Cambridge University Press, has 1 pending and 5 awarded patents, and has received the best paper awards at ACM Mobicom 2009, ACM IMC 2013, and ACM CoNEXT 2013. She has held an adjunct faculty position in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University from 2007 until 2011, and in 2008 she received the rising star award of the computer networking community of ACM (ACM SIGCOMM).  She is the editor of ACM Computer Communications Review since 2013, and is standing in the ACM Publication Board Digital Library committee. She has participated as an expert in panels for the Federal Commission of Communications, the National Telecommunications and Information Agency, and the National Science Foundation of the U.S.A, as well as the Association of Computing Machinery. In 2015, she was awarded the title of ACM Distinguished Scientist.

Her work has been cited more than 7200 times, according to google scholar, and is often associated with significant progress in the areas of network traffic classification, forecasting of network traffic, self-organizing wireless local area networks, and centralized wireless local area networks.

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Recent Publications

    1. M. Varvello, K. Schomp, D. Naylor, J. Blackburn, A. Finamore, and K. Papagiannaki. To HTTP/2, or Not To HTTP/2, That Is The Question. In PAM 2016, Crete, Greece, March 2016.
    2. M. Almeida, M. Bilal, J. Blackburn, and K. Papagiannaki. An Empirical Study of Android Alarm Usage for Application Scheduling. In PAM 2016, Crete, Greece, March 2016.
    3. V. Kalavri, J. Blackburn, M. Varvello, and K. Papagiannaki. Like a Pack of Wolves: Community Structure of Web Trackers. In PAM 2016, Crete, Greece, March 2016.
    4. G. Dimopoulos, I. Leontiadis, P. Barlet-Ros, K. Papagiannaki, and P. Steenkiste. Identifying the Root Cause of Video Streaming Issues in Mobile Devices. In ACM CoNEXT 2015, Heidelberg, Germany, December 2015.
    5. F. Papaodyssefs, C. Iordanou, J. Blackburn, N. Laoutaris, and K. Papagiannaki. Web Identity Translator: Behavioral Advertising and Identity Privacy with WIT. In ACM HotNets 2015, Philadelphia, U.S.A., November 2015
    6. D. Naylor, K. Schomp, M. Varvello, I. Leontiadis, J. Blackburn, D. Lopez, K. Papagiannaki, P. Rodriguez Rodriguez, and P. Steenkiste multi-context TLS (mcTLS): Enabling Secure In-Network Functionality in TLS In ACM SIGCOMM 2015, London, England, August 2015

For a complete list of publications, see.



Professional Activities

  • Member of the ACM CoNEXT Executive Commitee (2014-present)
  • Member of ACM Publications Board (2014-present)
  • Editor in Chief for ACM Computer Communications Review (2013-present)
  • General Chair for IMC 2013
  • Program Co-Chair for CoNEXT 2013
  • Program Co-Chair for TMA 2013
  • Member of the Technical Steering Committee of ACM Sigcomm (2009-2012)
  • Associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Networking (2009-2012)
  • Program co-chair of ACM Mobihoc 2011
  • Program co-chair of Global Internet 2011
  • TPC member for ACM/USENIX NSDI 2015
  • TPC member for ACM HotNets 2014, 2015
  • TPC member for ACM Mobicom 2011, 2012, 2013
  • TPC member of ACM Sigcomm 2007, 2008, 2014
  • TPC member for ACM IMC 2011, 2012, 2015
  • TPC member for ACM CoNEXT 2008, 2010, 2012
  • TPC member for ACM Mobisys 2013

Research Interest

Wireless and wired networks, traffic engineering, security, network design and planning, Internet measurements




Dina Papagiannaki's publications:

    - 2016:

    1. "Like a Pack of Wolves: Community Structure of Web Trackers ", Vasiliki Kalavri , Jeremy Blackburn , Matteo Varvello , Konstantina Papagiannaki .
      Passive and Active Measurements (PAM '16), Mar 16
    1. "Is The Web HTTP/2 Yet? ", Matteo Varvello , Kyle Schomp , David Naylor , Jeremy Blackburn , Alessandro Finamore , Konstantina Papagiannaki .
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    1. "An Empirical Study of Android Alarm Usage for Application Scheduling ", Mario Almeida , Muhammad Bilal , Jeremy Blackburn , Konstantina Papagiannaki .
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    - 2015:

    1. "Identifying the Root Cause of Video Streaming Issues on Mobile Devices ", Giorgos Dimopoulos , Ilias Leontiadis , Pere Barlet-Ros , Konstantina Papagiannaki , Peter Steenkiste .
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    1. "Web Identity Translator: Behavioral Advertising and Identity Privacy with WIT ", Fotios Papaodyssefs , Costas Iordanou , Jeremy Blackburn , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Dina Papagiannaki .
      HotNets-XIV Proceedings of the 14th ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, Nov 15
    1. "Multi-Context TLS (mcTLS): Enabling Secure In-Network Functionality in TLS ", David Naylor , Kyle Schomp , Matteo Varvello , Ilias Leontiadis , Jeremy Blackburn , Diego R López , Dina Papagiannaki , Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez , Peter Steenkiste .
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    - 2014:

    1. "The Cost of the "S" in HTTPS ", David Naylor , Alessandro Finamore , Ilias Leontiadis , Yan Grunenberger , Marco Mellia , Maurizio M. Munafò , Dina Papagiannaki , Peter Steenkiste. .
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    1. "Social-Aware Replication in Geo-Diverse Online Systems ", Stefano Traverso , Kévin Huguenin , Ionut Trestian , Vijay Erramilli , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Dina Papagiannaki .
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    - 2013:

    1. "RILAnalyzer: a Comprehensive 3G Monitor On Your Phone ", Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez , Andrius Aucinas , Mario Almeida , Yan Grunenberger , Dina Papagiannaki , Jon Crowcroft .
      ACM Internation Measurement Conference, Nov 13
    1. "Follow the money: understanding economics of online aggregation and advertising ", Phillipa Gill , Vijay Erramilli , Augustin Chaintreau , Balachander Krishnamurthy , Dina Papagiannaki , Pablo Rodriguez .
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    1. "Last call for the buffet: economics of cellular networks ", Jeremy Blackburn , Rade Stanojevic , Vijay Erramilli , Adriana Iamnitchi , Dina Papagiannaki .
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    1. "Is there a case for mobile phone content pre-staging? ", Alessandro Finamore , Marco Mellia , Zafar Gilani , Dina Papagiannaki , Vijay Erramilli , Yan Grunenberger .
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    1. "Staying online while mobile: The hidden costs ", Andrius Aucinas , Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez , Yan Grunenberger , Vijay Erramilli , Dina Papagiannaki , Jon Crowcroft , David Wetherall .
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    1. "ACORN: An auto-configuration framework for 802.11 n WLANs ", Mustafa Y Arslan , Konstantinos Pelechrinis , Ioannis Broustis , Shailendra Singh , Srikanth V Krishnamurthy , Sateesh Addepalli , Dina Papagiannaki .
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    1. "3GOL: Power-boosting ADSL using 3G OnLoading ", Claudio Rossi , Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez , Vijay Erramilli , Yan Grunenberger , Lazlo Gyarmati , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Rade Stanojevic , Dina Papagiannaki , Pablo Rodriguez .
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    - 2005:

    1. "BLINC: Multilevel Traffic Classification in the Dark ", Thomas Karagiannis , Dina Papagiannaki , Michalis Faloutsos .
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