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Haewoon Kwak

Big Data

Dr. Haewoon Kwak is a researcher at Telefonica Reesearch, Barcelona.
He earned his Ph.D. from Computer Science Department at KAIST in 2012.
His recent works are analyzing the structure and the dynamics of Twitter.
e.g. “What is Twitter, a social network or news media?” (WWW’10),
“Fragile online relationship: a first look at unfollow dynamics in
Twitter” (CHI’11),
“More of a giver than a receiver: Why do people unfollow in Twitter?”
and “Structures of broken ties: exploring unfollow behavior on
Twitter” (CSCW’13).
He is interested in understanding online user behavior through quantitative
and qualitative ways.


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Haewoon Kwak's publications:

    - 2014:

    1. "Didn’t you see my message? predicting attentiveness to mobile instant messages ", Martin Pielot , Rodrigo de Oliveira , Haewoon Kwak , Nuria Oliver .
      ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), Apr 14
    1. "STFU NOOB!: Predicting Crowdsourced Decisions on Toxic Behavior in Online Games ", Jeremy Blackburn , Haewoon Kwak .
      Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW), Apr 14