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Michal Ficek

Data Anonymization, Privacy, Natural Language Processing

Michal Ficek has been in the scientific group at Telefonica Research and Development in Barcelona since October 2014. His research interests comprise:

  • mobility-related data processing
  • datasets anonymization
  • tracking users in mobile networks

Michal received the MSc. degree in Computer Science at Charles University in Prague in programming and computer system architectures, and the Ph.D. degree in Telecommunications at the Czech Technical University in Prague. His research topic was "Tracking Users in Mobile Networks: Data Acquisition Methods and Their Limits" on which he worked sponsored by a Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship. Michal worked with mobility-related data in his last workplace, the CE-Traffic company, where he built and deployed tools for processing and analyzing Call Detail Records in order to deliver sound snapshot of user mobility.

Michal Ficek's publications:

    - 2012:

    1. "Inter-call mobility model: a spatio-temporal refinement of call data records using a gaussian mixture model ", Michal Ficek , Lukas Kencl .
      INFOCOM 2012, Mar 12

    - 2010:

    1. "Spatial extension of the reality mining dataset ", Michal Ficek , Lukas Kencl . Aug 10

    - 2008:

    1. "Active GSM cell-id tracking: where did you disappear? ", Kateřina Dufková , Michal Ficek , Lukáš Kencl , Jakub Novák , Jan Kouba , Ivan Gregor , Jiří Danihelka . Sep 08