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Network Economics - Privacy

Nikolaos  Laoutaris is a senior researcher at the Internet Scientific Group of Telefonica Research in Barcelona. Prior to joining the Barcelona lab he was a postdoc fellow at Harvard University and a Marie Curie postdoc fellow at Boston University. He got his PhD in computer science from the University of Athens in 2004. Personal webpage here.

  • NEW! Blog post about web sustainability and the danger of a Tragedy of the Commons around privacy.
  • NEW! The Data Transparancy Lab (DTL, pronounced like "detail") is online! Vision behind DTL explained here. 
  • NEW! Checkout PeeringCalc, our tool for pricing peering bandwidth. 
  • NEW! $heriff, a browser add-on for detecting price discrimination in e-commerce. [Slides]

Recent Publications




  • F. Papaodyssefs, C. Iordanou, J. Blackburn, N. Laoutaris, K. Papagiannaki, “Web Identity Translator: Behavioral Advertising and Identity Privacy with WIT,” ACM HotNets'15. [pdf]
  • S. Meichanetzoglou, S. Ioannidis, N. Laoutaris, “Testing for common sense (violation) in airline pricing or how complexity asymmetry defeated you and the web,” [arXiv:1509.05382].
  • B. Cici, A. Markopoulou and N. Laoutaris, “Designing an On-Line Ride-Sharing System,” ACM Sigspatial'15.
  • J. M. Carrascosa, J. Mikians, R. Cuevas, V. Erramilli, N. Laoutaris, “I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me. Measuring Online Behavioural Advertising,” ACM CoNEXT'15. [pdf]
  • A. Lodhi, A.Dhamdhere, N. Laoutaris, C. Dovrolis, “Complexities in Internet Peering: Understanding the "Black" in the "Black Art,” IEEE INFOCOM'15. [pdf]
  • J. Cardona, R. Stanojevic, N. Laoutaris, “Collaborative consumption for mobile broadband: a quantitative study,” ACM CoNEXT'14. [pdf]
  • L. Gyarmati, N. Laoutaris, K. Sdrolias, P. Rodriguez, C. Courcoubetis, “From advertising profits to bandwidth prices - A quantitative methodology for negotiating premium peering,” NetEcon'14[tech report]
  • B. Cici, A. Markopoulou, E. Frias-Martinez, N. Laoutaris, “Assessing the potential of ride-sharing using mobile and social data: A tale of 2 continents and 4 cities,”  ACM UbiComp'14. [pdf]
  • J. Mikians, L. Gyarmati, V. Erramilli, N. Laoutaris, “Crowd-assisted Search for Price Discrimination in E-Commerce: First results,”  ACM CoNEXT'13. [pdf]
  • C. Rossi, N. Vallina-Rodriguez, V. Erramilli, Y. Grunenberger, L. Gyarmati, N. Laoutaris, R. Stanojevic, K. Papagiannaki, P. Rodriguez, “3GOL: Power-boosting ADSL using 3G OnLoading,”  ACM CoNEXT'13[pdf]
  • B. Cici, A. Markopoulou, E. Frias-Martinez, N. Laoutaris, “Quantifying the Potential of Ride-Sharing using Call Description Records,” in Proc. of ACM HotMobile'13. [pdf]
  • J. Mikians, L. Gyarmati, V. Erramilli, N. Laoutaris, “Detecting price and search discrimination on the Internet,” in Proc. of ACM HotNets'12. [pdf]
  • N. Vallina, L. Gyarmati, Y. Grunenberger , R. Stanojevic, V. Erramilli, N. Laoutaris, K. Papagiannaki, “When David can help Goliath: the case for cellular augmentation of wired networks,” in Proc. of ACM HotNets'12. [pdf]
  • T. Lauinger, N. Laoutaris, P. Rodriguez, T. Strufe, E. Biersack, E. Kirda, “Privacy Risks in Named Data Networking: What is the Cost of Performance?,” Editorial note ACM Comp. Comm. Rev., Oct. 2012. [pdf]
  • L. Gyarmati, R. Stanojevic, M. Sirivianos, N. Laoutaris, “Sharing the Cost of Backbone Networks: Cui Bono?,” in Proc. of ACM IMC'12. [pdf]
  • S. Traverso, K. Huguenin, I. Trestian, V. Erramilli, N. Laoutaris and K. Papagiannaki, “TailGate: Handling long-tail content with a little help from friends” in Proc. of WWW'12. [pdf]
  • J. Otto, R. Stanojevic, N. Laoutaris, “Temporal Rate Limiting: cloud elasticity at a flat fee,” in Proc. of NetEcon'12. [pdf]
  • N. Laoutaris, M. Sirivianos, X. Yang, P. Rodriguez, “Inter-Datacenter Bulk Transfers with NetStitcher,” in Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM'11. [pdf]
  • E. Goma, M. Canini, A. Lopez, N. Laoutaris, D. Kostic, P. Rodriguez, R. Stanojevic, P. Yague, “Insomnia in the Access or How to Curb Access Network Related Energy Consumption,” in Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM'11. [pdf]
  • R. Cuevas, N. Laoutaris, X. Yang, G. Siganos, P. Rodriguez, “Deep Diving into BitTorrent Locality,” in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM'11. [full version]
  • R. Stanojevic, N. Laoutaris, P. Rodriguez, “On Economic Heavy Hitters: Shapley value analysis of 95th-percentile pricing,” in Proc. of ACM IMC'10[pdf]
  • J.-M. Pujol, V. Erramilli, G. Siganos, X. Yang, N. Laoutaris, P. Chhabra, P. Rodriguez,  “The Little Engine(s) that could: Scaling Online Social Networks,” in Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM'10[pdf]
  • N. Laoutaris, G. Smaragdakis, P. Rodriguez, R. Sundaram,  “Delay Tolerant Bulk Data Transfers on the Internet,” in Proc. of ACM SIGMETRICS'09. [pdf]
  • V. Valancius, N. Laoutaris, L. Massoulie, C. Diot, P. Rodriguez, “Greening the Internet with Nano Data Centers,” in Proc. of ACM CoNEXT'09. [pdf]
  • N. Laoutaris, P. Rodriguez, “Good Things Come to Those Who (Can) Wait or How to Handle Delay Tolerant Traffic and Make Peace on the Internet,” in Proc. of ACM HotNets'08. [pdf]
  • N. Laoutaris, D. Carra, P. Michardi, “Uplink Allocation Beyond Choke/Unchoke or How to Divide and Conquer Best,” in Proc. of ACM CoNEXT'08. [pdf]
  • G. Smaragdakis, V. Lekakis, N. Laoutaris, A. Bestavros, J. Byers, M. Roussopoulos, “The EGOIST Overlay Routing System,” in Proc. of ACM CoNEXT'08. [pdf]
  • N. Laoutaris, L. Poplawski, R. Rajaraman, R. Sundaram, and S.-H. Teng, “Bounded Budget Connection (BBC) games or How to make friends and influence people, on a budget,” in Proc. of ACM PODC'08[full]  


Professional Activities




  • TPC member NSDI'14
  • TPC member W-PIN+NetEcon'13
  • TPC member ACM SIGCOMM'13, 11
  • TPC member ACM IMC'11
  • TPC member ACM CoNEXT'14,'13,'11,'10 '09
  • TPC member IEEE INFOCOM'13, '12, '11, '10,'09
  • TPC member IPDPS'10, MMCN'09.
  • Area editor ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communicaions Review
  • Associate editor Computer Networks Journal 2009-2010



Research Interest




My general research interests are on system, algorithmic, economic and performance evaluation aspects of computer networks and distributed systems with emphasis on content distribution, network economics, energy efficient computing, P2P, and social networks.


Public Documents


Nikolaos Laoutaris's publications:

    - 2015:

    1. "Web Identity Translator: Behavioral Advertising and Identity Privacy with WIT ", Fotios Papaodyssefs , Costas Iordanou , Jeremy Blackburn , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Dina Papagiannaki .
      HotNets-XIV Proceedings of the 14th ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, Nov 15
    1. "Complexities in Internet Peering: Understanding the "Black" in the "Black Art ", Aemen Lodhi , Amogh Dhamdhere , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Constantine Dovrolis .
      IEEE INFOCOM'15, Apr 15

    - 2014:

    1. "Social-Aware Replication in Geo-Diverse Online Systems ", Stefano Traverso , Kévin Huguenin , Ionut Trestian , Vijay Erramilli , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Dina Papagiannaki .
      IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Mar 14

    - 2013:

    1. "ITMgen—A first-principles approach to generating synthetic interdomain traffic matrices ", Jakub Mikians , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Amogh Dhamdhere , Pere Barlet-Ros .
      IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), June 2013, Jun 13
    1. "Delay-Tolerant Bulk Data Transfers on the Internet ", Nikolaos Laoutaris , Georgios Smaragdakis , Rade Stanojevic , Pablo Rodriguez , Ravi Sundaram .
      IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Mar 13
    1. "3GOL: Power-boosting ADSL using 3G OnLoading ", Claudio Rossi , Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez , Vijay Erramilli , Yan Grunenberger , Lazlo Gyarmati , Nikolaos Laoutaris , Rade Stanojevic , Dina Papagiannaki , Pablo Rodriguez .
      ACM CoNEXT 2013, Jan 13